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The Office of Hydrologic Development maintains historical hydrologic data up to September 30, 2005.

Archive of River Forecast Center Operational NEXRAD Data

The Stage I, Stage III and MPE data files are collected from the RFCs on a daily basis.   The daily files are constructed and archived as monthly files via the UNIX 'tar' utility.

Dates and types of Nexrad archived data are indicated in the table below.

Stage I Stage III MPE
ABRFC Oct 1995-Sep 2005 May 1993-Dec 2004 Jun 2003-Sep 2005
APRFC Sep 1997-Sep 2005   Jul 2002-Sep 2005
CBRFC Sep 1996-Sep 2005 Sep 1996-Mar 2002 Feb 2002-Sep 2005
CNRFC Jan 1996-Sep 2005 Sep 1996-Jan 2005 May 2003-Sep 2005
LMRFC Apr 1996-Sep 2005 Apr 1996-Aug 2003 Aug 2003-Sep 2005
MARFC Oct 1995-Sep 2005 Oct 1995-Dec 2001 Oct 1999-Sep 2005
MBRFC Nov 1995-Sep 2005 Nov 1994-Jun 2003 Jan 2003-Sep 2005
NCRFC Sep 1995-Sep 2005 Dec 1994-Apr 2002 Feb 2002-Sep 2005
NERFC Sep 1996-Sep 2005 Feb 1996-Aug 2002 Aug 2002-Sep 2005
NWRFC Nov 1995-Sep 2005 Jan 1996-Nov 2002 Nov 2002-Sep 2005
OHRFC Dec 1995-Sep 2005 Dec 1995-Jun 2003 Dec 2001-Sep 2005
SERFC Dec 1995-Sep 2005 Dec 1995-Sep 2002 Jan 2002-Sep 2005
WGRFC Nov 1995-Sep 2005 Nov 1994-Dec 2004 Mar 2000-Sep 2005
San Juan Mar 2000-Sep 2005 Mar 2000-Sep 2002 Jan 2002-Sep 2005

Brief descriptions of the Stage I and Stage III data files are available via the indicated links.

View Precipitation formats and decoding procedures ,  Precipitation Processing System ,  NEXRAD Stage III Precipitation Data or HRL Distributed Modeling Research for online documentation.

Stage I Data

Stage III Data

Multisensor Precipitation Estimator Data

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