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The Office of Hydrologic Development maintains historical hydrologic data up to September 30, 2005.

Description of Location Data

The location files contain the location and other information about point data stations.

The location data is unloaded from the River Forecast Center's database into a flat file and is compressed using the UNIX compress utility, once a month. The file is in ASCII format and has the following file naming convention "" where mm is a two-digit month, dd is a two-digit day, yy is a two-digit year, and RFCID is the two character River Forecast Center identifier. For example, LOCATION.021297AB.Z is a file of gage location data from ABRFC that was captured on February 12, 1997.

There are 27 fields in every record of the location file. Each field is separated by a pipe "|" delimiter. These fields are laid out as follow:

		Field 1;  char(8);  Location identifier
		Field 2;  char(20); Country name
		Field 3;  char(3);  USCE district office
		Field 4;  char(3);  Coop program manager station
		Field 5;  char(10); Direction and distance
		Field 6;  float;    Elevation of station(feet)
		Field 7;  char(9);  Horizontal datum
		Field 8;  char(3);  Hydrologic service area
		Field 9;  char(8);  Hydrologic unit number
		Field 10; char(9);  Station latitude(ddmmss)
		Field 11; char(9);  Station longitude(ddmmss)
		Field 12; char(255);Location remarks
		Field 13; date;     Date of last change location identifier
		Field 14; char(20); Location name
		Field 15; char(3);  Network
		Field 16; char(20); River basin
		Field 17; char(5);  River Forecast Center
		Field 18; date;     Station begin date
		Field 19; char(10); Station number
		Field 20; char(2);  State
		Field 21; char(3);  Warning office
		Field 22; char(3);  Weather forecast office
		Field 23; char(3);  Forecast office
		Field 24; char(4);  Station type
		Field 25; char(30); Description - RFC
		Field 26; char(30); Description - RFC
		Field 27; integer;  Post values
					0=no post
To use the information from the location file, you must first uncompress the file using the UNIX uncompress utility or an equivalent.

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