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NHDS Archive of USGS Watstore Information

The data under the directory usgs_original_watstore was at one time in a different format on the OH mainframe. It was used by the legacy strtran (streamflow transfer) program.

It was reformatted by NHDS in May of 1997 because the USGS seems to have applied corrections to the discharge data available through their Web/FTP servers. The original WATSTORE files that have been collected by OH over the years are available here.

The legacy time series records have been formatted to match the records on the USGS FTP/Web server. The format is obvious except that days of missing data are skipped and the date and value columns are separated by a tab character.

Discharge files are named station_number.type and are mean daily values.

Stage, reservoir, and pool elevation files are named by station_number.time.type and are organized by state_directory.

The time value in the file name can be one of:

  • max - maximum value of the day
  • min - minimum value of the day
  • mean - mean value of the day
  • a_m - reading obtained during morning hours
  • p_m - reading obtained during afternoon hours
  • rand_hour - once daily (random hour)
  • tidal_high - daily
  • tidal_low - daily
  • a four digit number - instantaneous observation's military time (2145 = 9:45 pm)

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