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Create OH Datacard Time Series from USGS WATSTORE Data 

The historical discharge and peak flow data are retrieved directly from the USGS Web Site.
As the time series are being created, any data item that has a flag associated with it will be written to the log file, along with the flag and whether the data item was written as missing in the time series or not. Once the time series have been created, you may view the log file to see which data items have flags. Note: Peak flow data is not created in the OH Datacard time series format.
Station ID:
Data Type:
CHPS Compatible Daily Discharge: Check to eliminate 0s before single digit months

Retrieve from: to: (YYYY-MM-DD -- blank = all data)
Output Time Series: to the browser to a file

Select data flags that are to be marked as missing data values in the time series.
Press control key to select multiple flags.

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