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History of Changes to the NHDS Historical Raw Data Archive and Utilites

April 22, 2003:
Replacement of TD3200 data archive with new version of NCDC TD3200 data. NCDC has made fixes to the data as well as OHD. View the changes that OHD made to the data and the outstanding issues with the data. The NCDC TD3200 data archive is up through August 2002. This data is available via theDaily Data (dlytran program) and Locate and display station info (stainv program) web pages.

The dlytran program was changed to handle the new data format and some of the issues in the data. View the changes to dlytran program and outstanding issues with dlytran.

July 30, 2001:
Able to create NRCS SNOTEL time series from the web version of Historical Data Browser. This gets the SNOTEL data directly from NRCS.

July 25, 2001:
Fixed problem in ts2oh that was checking for version number in input file. It no longer checks the version number in the input file.

July 2, 2001:
Replaces gs2oh with a web version of the the Historical Data Browser. That this time the Historical Data Browser can only create time series data for USGS. Only discharge and peak flow data is retrieved directly from USGS.

February 20, 2001:
Fixed problem in ts2oh dealing with y2k.

September 18, 2000:
completed beta-test of syntran website. The 1999 refresh of the TD-3280 data is now operational.

September 13, 2000:
modified ts2oh to accept 12-hour time-step data. The program now translates 1, 6, 12 and 24 hour time-step data.

August 10, 2000:
installed NCDC TD-3280 (SAO hourly) update through 1999 for 64 selected stations (beta-test).

August 1, 2000:
installed NCDC TD-3200 (daily) update through 1999.

July 26, 2000:
installed NCDC TD-3240 (hourly) update through 1999 (old format). Accumulations across month boundaries are interpreted correctly now, i.e., as one accumulation period.

July 19, 2000:
modified hlytran to interpret both the old or new TD-3240 data formats.

May 19, 2000:
fixed a problem with hlytran incorrectly interpreting accumulation amounts. Before, if the accumulation period continued into the next month, the final accumulation amount was reported as missing. Further work needs to been performed on the hlytran program to properly interpret the new accumulation flags in the TD-3240 data provided by NCDC. Temporarily, all occurrences of "99999," in the data were replaced with "00000A." This change breaks the accumulation period into two parts with the first ending at the end of the month and zero accumulation reported, and the second ending at the beginning of the next month with the total accumulation for both periods given there. This is better than missing, but needs to be corrected to be one accumulation period instead of two.

February 4, 2000:
fixed unresolved Y2K bug with ts2oh program. Modified ts2oh to accept 24-hour time step data.

December 30, 1999:
installed NCDC TD-3200 (daily) update through 1998. Replaced ts2oh and gs2oh with Y2K compliant versions.

December 29, 1999:
installed NCDC TD-3280 (hourly) update through 1998. The new data are available via a beta-test web-site associated with the syntran program.

October 18, 1999:
corrected dlytran, hlytran and syntran for Y2K problem with OH data card output. These three programs are now Y2K compliant through 2009.

September 27, 1999:
installed NCDC TD-3240 (hourly) update through 1998.

September 22, 1999:
modified syntran program to allow valid years through 2009.

September 20, 1999:
modified dlytran and hlytran programs to allow valid years through 2009.

August 31, 1999:
modified station inventory program to be Y2K compliant through 2009.

August 23, 1999:
corrected a format problem in the TD-3240 data so that hlytran could properly interpret to accumulation data. All 99999a changed to 00000A, 99999A changed to 00000A.

July 8, 1999:
installed NCDC TD-3240 (hourly) update through 1997. The new format of the TD-3240 data needed to be changed so that hlytran could properly interpret the missing and deleted data. All "[" and "]" flags were replaced with "M", all "{" and "}" were replaced with "D".

November 6, 1998:
installed NCDC TD-3200 (daily) update through 1997.

July 2, 1998:
installed NCDC TD-3200 (daily) update through 1996.

June 10, 1998
repaired scale factor on NCDC TD-3200 Snow Water Equivalent data .

May 10, 1998:
fixed two problems in the gs2oh translator.

December 15, 1997:
revised USGS links to point to the NWIS-W archives and added links for SNOTEL

July 29 1997:
fixed a problem reported by WGRFC. When generating hourly OH datacard time series using a multiple station list and invoking the option to fill beginning of TS with missing values, the station number of the previously processed station would "hold over" until real data began. Note that the pre-processors would ignore the station number anyway.

Outage from May 2 to May 6 1997
due to a domain name change from to

April 14 1997:
fixed a problem in dlytran that caused interleaving of SNOTEL and NCDC daily values if they are both written out in OH time series format at once.

April 14 1997:
fixed a problem in dlytran that caused erroneous padding of missing values if max and min temp values are written out in OH time series format at once.

March 21 1997:
fixed a problem in dlytran that caused erroneous mean temps in the @G and @H cards when multiple stations are requested at once.

March 4, 1997:
Corrected card sequence number generation in dlytran.bin (cgi). Previously, the count would skip use of number 12, 24, etc.; dates remained correct, however. Also enhanced temporary data transfer script names (this is transparent to users).

February 19,1997:
A bug in dlytran that caused monthly averages to "spill over" from station to station was fixed. This problem was reported by Eric Anderson and Scott Lindsey.

February 6,1997:
Access to Puerto Rico Coop data was provided.

June 5,1996:
A bug in dlytran was fixed. The bug caused supression of output for some request combinations.

June 6,1996:
A bug in hlytran reported by Frank Bell of WGRFC was fixed. The bug caused a blank station number in OH Datacards when filling certain data gaps with missing symbols.

June 10,1996:
A problem serving daily COOP data for states in the LMRFC locale was noticed in the error log. This was not a network or software failure, it had to do with the way the data for LA was arranged on the server. Fixed at 7:30 pm.

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