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Create OH Datacard Point Potential Evapotranspiration Time Series

Point Potential Evapotranspiration (PTPE) computed from NCDC TD-3280 Surface Airways Observations that are in NHDS archive. PTPE values will be unavailable after the ASOS comissioning date. See Commissioned ASOS Sites. A brief explanation of PTPE is in the original NWSRFS documentation.

Please view the National Weather Service Disclaimer regarding the information on this US Government Server.

Station choice
Time boundary choice
From month/year through
Use calendar year boundaries (Jan through Dec) or water year boundaries (Oct through Sept) when calculating totals, means and averages, and to truncate and pad the data using false missing values.
Return output as
A table of computed PTPE values per year per station
A summary table having results calculated from the bounds of your time request

Tables showing intermediate values used during computation (elements derived from the raw observations file)
DLWD - average daily wind travel (referencing wind at the station anemometer height, not the computed pan wind)
DLSK - weighted sky cover
DLDP - average daily dew point
DLTM - average daily air temperature
DLQS - daily computed radiation

Generate PTPE in OH Datacard (time series) format
Pad beginning and ending with missing values if actual values are unavailable
Generate mean daily PE cards for MAPE

English units
Metric units

Results involve computation. Expect to wait 15 seconds plus ~6 seconds per year per station. If you are using Netscape, you will see results as they are generated. Mosaic probably will not show results until the program has finished.

Note: requesting data for the entire period 1948-1999 may take a while, but it should work now.

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