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Create OH Datacard Time Series for NCDC Daily Data

The user can create OH Datacard time series from NCDC DSI-3200 surface land daily cooperative summary of the day. The data is retrieved from the NHDS archive. Data are available through 03/2018
The following is information about NCDC TD3200 data and the software to create OH Datacard Time Series:

  • Changes to the software that effect the output of OH Datacard Time Series

  • Issues with the NCDC TD3200 data that the software is not addressing at this time

  • Changes to the NCDC TD3200 data

  • Issues with the NCDC TD3200 data

    Please view the National Weather Service Disclaimer regarding the information on this US Government Server.


    Enter the state station number(s) in the area below (example: 41 7943). ENSURE ALL STATIONS IN YOUR LIST ARE IN THE SAME STATE OR THE PROGRAM WILL FAIL. The DLYTRAN program can process up to 900 stations, but keep in mind there are limits to the amount of data the browser will display, so if the browser should crash, try again and request fewer stations.
    (Station number look-up sources: stainv or a complete list.)

    PTPX / PRCP - precipitation
    EPAN / EVAP - pan evaporation
    SNOF / SNOW - snowfall
    SNOG / SNWD - point snow depth
    SNWE / WTEQ - point snow cover water-equivalent
    TAMX / TMAX - maximum air temp
    TAMN / TMIN - minimum air temp
    TPMX / MXPN - maximum pan water temp
    TPMN / MNPN - minimum pan water temp
    UDIS / WDMV - point wind travel
    Time boundary range:
    From month/year through
    Use calendar year boundaries (Jan through Dec) or water year boundaries (Oct through Sept) when calculating totals, means and averages, and to truncate and pad the data using false missing values. If you are unsure of your results from this program, use stainv's inventory option to see the coverage of the raw file.
    Return output as:
    A table per station per element per year of your time request
    A summary table combining time for each station-element request (results are calculated using the bounds of your time request)

    Since NCDC has errors with accumulated data, it may be useful to you select the 2 options in red. This will allow you to review time series data against the NCDC data
    Print NCDC data flags for data values with associated flags.
    Print all NCDC accumulated data cases for the time series.

    Generate OH Datacards (suppresses printed table choices above)
    Pad beginning and ending with missing values if actual values are unavailable
    Make PXPP Station information headers
    Make @F @G @H cards for MAT (only works if you selected Temperature elements)

    English units
    Metric units

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