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Hydrology Laboratory

NHDS Access of Historical Data

NHDS group provides access to historical data used for the calibration of hydrologic models and development of hydrometeorologic techniques. The inventory of historical data is a copy of other agencies data that consists of:
  • NCDC COOP and SAO stations
  • NRCS SNOTEL sites
The historical data inventory is not up to date and are looking at replacing it by accessing the data directly from the agencies. The historical data that is available in it's raw format or OH Datacard format. It is accessable on the web or by stand alone programs. View the history of changes to the NHDS Historical Raw Data Archive and software. (Note: Please view the National Weather Service Disclaimer regrading the information on this US Government Server.)

There are several ways to access the historical data.

  • Legacy fortran programs accessed through the web. These programs were orginially written for mainframe and then ported to Linux system with a web interface put on them. They access the data stored in our inventory.
    • Locate Station and Display Station Information from the archive of NCDC and NRCS stations.

    • Create OH Datacard time series
      • Daily Data
      • Hourly Precipitation Data
        • This HP-UX binary executable utility, which is UNIX compressed, will display a message if it detects a problem with the datae sequence in the file. There are two versions of the utility, one where the data is in a 6 column format( hlyver6.exe) or data in an 8 column format (hlyver8.exe). To run the utility type the utility name followed by the file name (example: hlyver6.exe datafile).
      • Daily Potential Evapotranspiration
      • NRCS SNOTEL sites
      • USGS WATSTORE data
      • Splits a datacard file that contains multiple stations into multiple file that contain a single station. This HP-UX binary executable utility, which is UNIX compressed, (dsplit.exe) splits the input file into mutliple file each containing a single station. To run the utility type the utility name followed by the file name (example: dsplit.exe datafile).

  • X/Motif version of the Historical Data Browser

  • Web version of the Historical Data Browser. This version will be a replacement of the X/Motif version and the legacy fortran programs. The data access here is from the agencies directly.

  • A Utility (ts2oh) to convert PRDUTIL TSDATA reports to OH Datacard format. The utility written for HP Unix environment and was written for a special request, so use with caution. The latest release was August 1, 2001. It is able to accept 1, 6, 12 and 24 time steps and handle merging and cycling of large number of old datacard files. Download binary (UNIX compressed) or review complete history of changes and instructions.

  • Historical raw data files. Click on the icon to access the data from the agency or click on the link to access the HDAG's inventory.
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    • TD3200 - Daily COOP Station Data
    • TD3240 - Hourly COOP Precipitation Data
    • TD3280 - Surface Airways Observations

    USDA NRCS Logo

    • SNOTEL

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    • Peak Flow
      View Information and email about the archive of WATSTORE data.
      • Daily Discharge
      • Daily Pool Elevation
      • Daily Reservoir Storage
      • Daily Stage

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