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All NetCharts applets support a range of similar features. The following documentation describes how each of those cross-applet features work and provides a detailed discussion of how to use them.

NetCharts Applets and Applications

The following chart applets and utility applications are provided by NetCharts. This documentation decribes the specific parameters and command line options associated with each applet or application.

Barchart Horizontal/Vertical barchart with wide choice of bar styles and layouts.
Boxchart Displays statistical data.
ColorChart Convenient tool for selecting colors for all charts.
ComboChart Displays both bar and line sets using the same or different axes.
Diagram Supports the display of node diagrams.
LineChart Supports the display of line charts and area charts, in which Y-values are specified and X-values are provided automatically.
MultiChart Supports the display of multiple charts within a single applet, optionally allowing the user to resize the relative chart sizes.
Piechart Standard piechart display.
StripChart XYChart that supports continuous data updates efficiently.
StockChart Financial stock information.
TimeChart Resource allocation chart.
XYChart Scatter/Line/Area Chart or any combination, in which both X and Y values are specified for each data point.
Snapshot Applet Browser-side snapshot generation. Used with Snapshot Server.
Snapshot Server Server-side snapshot storage. Used with Snapshot Applet.
Snapshot Utility Standalone application for snapshot generation.

Programmer Documentation

The NetCharts API Documentation provides the detailed information needed by Java programmers to directly access or extend NetCharts classes.